伝説のブラボー & 巨人ドルオン・アンティゴーン



アントワープ(アントウェルペン)の街の名の由来は、いくつかありますが、人気があるのは伝説に基づくもので、 handwerpenhand 手 + werpen 投げる)だと言われています。

Mythical Silvius Brabo & Giant Druon Antigoon

A giant of Flemish folkloric character is Druon Antigoon who lived in a castle by the river Scheldt. He asked money from people who wanted to pass the bridge over the river Scheldt.  When people didn’t obey, he cut off their hand and threw it in the river.  Finally, brave Roman soldier Brabo killed Antigoon and cut off the hand of the giant to threw it into the river.

This mythical story is still shown by the statue of fountain in front of the Antwerp City Hall.



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Silvius Brabo was a mythical Roman soldier