セルクラースの像 (触ると幸運に恵まれる)



Statue of Éverard t’Serclaes

The Éverard t’Serclaes monument, located in the gallery under Maison de l’Étoile, at the corner of rue Charles Buls and Grand-Place of Brussels, was replaced by a bronze replica.
The original and the cast which served for pouring it have been restored and will remain on exposition at the Ogivale Room at city hall.

The monument of Éverard t’Serclaes is a bas-relief in brass sculpted by Flemish artist Julien Dillens in 1902. This distinguished work was located under the house in which Éverard t’ Serclaes died of wounds in 1388. The sculpture evokes the liberation of the city of Comte de Flandre by lord and alderman Éverard t’Serclaes on October 24th, 1356, precisely 660 years ago.

Due to the state of the monument, frequently touched by tourists, the decision was made to put a copy in its place.   <excerpt from Brussels Times>