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 Providing specific information of Spiritual spots & Healing, Therapy et al.

  • We contribute to your Wellness & Beauty physically and mentally aspiring stress free living.  Confidently we offer  Spiritual and Retreat plan & information of Gourmet Belgium!
  • Based on the human network with Europe  through business more than 30 years, we offer meticulous planning and arrangement .
  • We customize  only one program on your specific demand and have been evaluated as topnotch operation.  .
  • We keep learning and innovative effort to correspond New Normal Life.

Please feel free to ask by Contact form in Japanese or English but not other languages, sorry for inconvenience.  

Performance of Benelux Tourism

・7 days visit  Diamond Trade Exchange in Amsterdam and Antwerp.
・12 days Inspection for study group researching Medieval Europe ( with ・Flemish industries, early  technology, sites, communities etc.)
・1 month intensive bilingual program (English & French) to stay at  Chataeu.

abby scourmont

・10 days for Experience Thalasso Therapy, Osteopathy.
・12 days inspection to visit Breweries not only major but also micro breweries as monastery beer.
・Apartment stay at Amsterdam, Antwerp and Brussels.